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MP Motorsport 2018

 Formula 2 Livery

The 2018 MP Motorsport F2 Designs were the first with the new generation chassis form Dallara, and therefore a ‘Re-Fresh’ was commissioned by the team to set a new on track identity and create something with a more identifiable design for the team both track side and on TV. A strong focus on making the Dutch orange the forefront of the design was key and taking inspiration from the F1 designs of the late 70’s and 80’s, the usage of complimentary pinstriping to the main graphical outlay set the car up with a classy and elegant look, with clear priorities for sponsor canvases. This design was then evolved and adapted across all of MP’s Junior Formula Cars; F2, GP3, F4 and Eurocup


Design Process: November 2017- May 2018

All Images Belong to MP Motorsport and ©Dutch Photo Agency. 

The Car In Season


Design Process

Looking at how to split the car up and its available sponsor locations was a very important part of the brief as well as creating something that would be visually impactful and obvious on TV. The design evolved from each side, with an all-orange car from the front that eventually develops from a white/orange to a black design from the rear. Over 100 design iterations and developments were made and reviewed with MP throughout the process until both the client and myself were happy with the signed off design in terms of impact and feasibility of application.

f2 side black.jpg
f2 34.jpg
f2 top down.jpg
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