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MP Motorsport 2019 Formula 2 Livery

A third year working with MP Motorsport revolved around further developing the Livery identity we had set the foundations for in the previous season, with a focus on evolving the cleanliness and prioritising large open graphical areas for Sponsor space, whilst still retaining a dynamic and elegant look using the proportions of the car. Again, this would have to be a design that could be adapted to all 4 Formula Chassis run by MP in 2019; F2, F3, Formula Renault and F4.

Design Process: January 2019 - March 2019

All Images Belong to MP Motorsport and ©Dutch Photo Agency. 

MNC_GP_DL-5967-2 (1).jpg

The Car In Season


Design Process

The chassis of the car was used as the main canvas point for the 2019 design with flowing pinstripes dictating the main graphical breakup areas of the design: a need for a strong ‘On Grid’ identity to tell the MP Cars instantly on Tv and trackside was a constant from 2018, so the full Orange visual from the front view was retained, but evolves dramatically as the car moves around on TV, from a full orange car viewed from the front to the impact of the black and white areas evolving as the car rotates. A key impacting area of the 2019 design was integrating the shark fin and the sidepod vents into the design to create this design flow from the front to the rear of the car giving a larger sensation of speed when stationary.

MP 19 Side dev 1.jpg
MP 19 front angle dev 1.jpg
MP 19 top down dev 1.jpg
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