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Hyundai 2019 i20

WRC Livery

A Very intense project with an incredibly tight deadline from initial sketches to final design all within a space of 3 weeks: multiple themes were explored and relayed with Hyundai’s Frankfurt Design office: they gave me completely free reign over all design, with the only restriction being the colour palette. The brief was to create something dynamic, exciting and with reason: all to create a new livery identity for Hyundai Going forward.


The side profile of the 2019 WRC  Hyundai was the most developed and evolved element, initially designed to symbolise the mountain roads and that water and ice crashing around it, this merged with another concept design to incorporate a glitched distortion effect, adding a perfectly fitting modern element to Hyundai’s On-going re-fresh in identity.

Design Process:
July 2018 - September 2018

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Design on Track


Design Process

The design itself revolves around a new sort of camo: ‘Digital- Motion-Dazzle’ in which I envisioned the car would adapt to its surroundings and enhance it with the dirt/water/snow spray, that is part of rallying for decades, ‘add’ to the livery and integrate with the digital ‘spray’ present on the car. The sensation of speed whilst stationary was a key element in my design thinking as I wanted to give the car the effect of it being ‘ripped apart’ from a standard design into this distortion graphic.

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