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Dragon Formula E 

Livery And Branding

Season 4 was where my partnership with dragon began: The Dragon Race Liveries for that year were heavily inspired by classic Race Car Liveries of the 70’s and 80’s with elegant pinstripes following the curvature of the bodywork. We had a great opportunity after the departure of Faraday from the team to create a new identity and a theme of minimalism and cleanliness was set in motion for all aspects of the teams identity going forward

Design Process: October 2017 -Present

All Images Belong to Dragon Racing FE and ©manolo media


The Car In Season


Design Process

A Split Design between red and white cars was an instant hit with fans and the team and something that really stood the team out on the grid away from the other cars. The design itself highlighted the first use of this Minimal US flag graphic in various details and elements throughout the car: a strong sense of attention to detail was applied when designing the livery for Season 4

white and red 34.jpg
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