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Penske Pennzoil 2018
Indy 500 Livery

With the Pennzoil Livery being so iconic in Indy, when I was commissioned by Jay Penske to work with his fathers team on bringing back their most important design it was not only a great honour but again another learning experience that I jumped right into: the demands of respecting heritage and being the first usage on the new for 2018 Indy Chassis was a great challenge.

Design Process:
November 2017 - February 2018

All Images Belong to Team Penske 
and ©Chris Owens and Chris Jones


Design on Track

lepage-180515-indy-12930 (1)

Design Process

The design eventually strayed toward a more conventional approach compared to some of the proposed designs but keeps the identity of the team and offered another fan favourite. Close attention was spent to the new chassis surfaces and shapes and going with the design, offering something complementary with pinstripes providing elegance and not creating something messy or insulting to the car’s history. The final design Photoshop renders I provided were also used in Pennzoil’s TV Commercial leading up to the race

penske 1.jpg
final front sb.jpg
final rear sb.jpg
final side sb.jpg
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