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GEOX Dragon

2018/19 Formula E

Liveries and Branding

For the 2019 Formula E Season I continued to work with Dragon and Penske Media on all aspects of their team, from the livery, to the team clothing, garage design and social media content. Late on in pre-season the team agreed a title partnership with Italian brand GEOX, this required extensive re-branding and working with the company on a fresh new identity for the season ahead that would satisfy the new backers as well as keeping hold of the strong team identity we had developed in the previous season.


Design Process: July 2018 -December 2018

All Images Belong to GEOX Dragon Racing FE
and ©Spacesuit Media

The Car In Season



Working with the Italian company to develop a livery that not only retains elements of Dragons already popular racing DNA and the branding identity of GEOX, we have created an impactful and classy design that develops on the Art Deco themes we explored last season and really brings the minimalist style through with the contrast of the matte black against the newly developed pearl white base to create that split of the two materials: a concept dragon has been proud to impalement and push the last few seasons. 



Taking influences from NASA space shuttles and the legendary chapperal race cars of the 60’s that  Dragon team principal Jay Penske’s father famously drove. We have tried to create a design that looks dynamic from all angles, with close attention to details on every element, all the time looking to keep the minimalist theme going and not over complicate the surfaces. 

The new gen 2 car provides a great canvas to work on and we have utilised the shapes and surfaces of the cars body panels, as not to contradict or go against any of the fluid lines. It is most notably the top down view in which we have drawn inspiration from the NASA space shuttles, highlighting the saucer outline and adding the matte ‘wings’ to emphasise the arrow head shape of the season 5 design.


Finishing touches of red chrome continue the popular theme from Dragons race history, and brings a clean conclusion to the design as it Wraps around the base lines of the Gen 2. Overall with the 3 materials used we are hoping this is a car that will stand out both on track and on TV.

top tall.jpg

Team Wear

A key aspect of any race team is how the team looks both on and off the track, extensive design revisions were taken to get the look and feel correct for dragon and GEOX going into 2019, a big part of this was getting everything consistent throughout the clothing, the garage and the car. everything must combine and look part of the same package and we certainly achieved that.



A big design revision for the layout and design of the garage to impact in how the team works and operates in a more efficient manor, I was involved in the layout design throughout the process, to result in a design that not only graphically looked pleasing, but from a physical and industrial design perspective also.

all white front white boards red logos.j
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