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GEOX Dragon

2019/20 Formula E

Liveries and Branding

The Season 6 Car evolves and establishes our identity from last season with the title Partnership from GEOX coming on board and further expands the possibilities and boundaries of what can be done with a Livery Design The approach to this seasons car was literally taken from a whole new perspective, with Formula E being a city based series with so many high-rise buildings surround the tracks and the majority of our photo selection last year demonstrating the impact of how the car looks from above or a higher perspective, I decided to take the approach to design the livery from the top down view, with a dramatic ‘X’ Graphic (a stylised Icon taken from GEOX’s Logo itself) draped over the entire car creating a stunning visual impact when viewed from the intended angle.


Design Process: June 2019 -November 2019

All Images Belong to GEOX Dragon Racing FE
and ©Spacesuit Media

The Car In Season



Upon closer inspection, the design itself is more than just visual graphics and impact, a strong look was taken into the physical application and innovations on the car: with the tone on tone US Flag stripes returning to the car, this time will be disguised by their own material finish, with the rear spine of the car seemingly plain white only for the sun and shade to reflect the matte finish we have: again adding to the ‘Surprise and Delight’ feature we are so heavily invested in pushing this season. We have also took the step to be the first team to look at how to incorporate the Diffuser in the livery design, an often untouched area of the car but for this season I wanted to explore how to make the most of every surface available to us, therefore the ‘X’ graphic has also been extended onto this element of the chassis, most obviously viewed from the side, it continues the design lines right through the car. 



A consequence of this is visualising how the X would look as it peels over the Gen2 Cars’ bodywork and creating a design that doesn’t work from only 1 viewpoint: and with this the design was developed to ‘lean forwards’ in a striking and theatrical manner with the parallel lines from the ‘X’ graphic rapidly cutting across the bodywork and continuing the effect from side, front and rear onwards to create a ‘different’ visual design from each angle you look at the car: this is a livery created to be looked at up close.


With many details, material changes, surface treatments the more you look at it from each angle you view it, the design will move around the user, made for the nature of Formula E and its fan interaction, a key part of the brief from the start: create with an aim to draw attention and intrigue, with an emphasis on ‘Surprise and delight’ features.


Every sense of conventional livery design was abandoned to create something fractious and eye catching either from the stands or on TV, as well as a stand-alone design element. Whereas last year the design was refined to follow the Chassis shapes and curvature, the Penske EV-4 has purposely dis-regarded the cars lines and surfaces to create our own silhouettes with the negative space: the design is meant to disrupt the car and draw the human eye towards it more as we as humans take more notice of non-horizontal or vertical lines across surfaces that should have them.

Launch visual fully lit 10.jpg

Launch Video

CGI Livery mapped and animation video created and rendered for the team and the launch in Venice

Team Wear

Working a lot closer with GEOX and their clothing fashion arm of their business, this years clothing and race wear looks at the GEOX breathable technology and implanting their signature 'M' shape on the back of all clothing elements and even working with Alpinestars to apply this graphic and technology to the race suits for Season 6.

The design themselves this year evolve from the minimalist look we developed last season but making sure it is more closely aligned to the car and identity of the team with a full monotone palette.



One of the teams most popular pieces last year with one of the cleanest and most organised layouts in the paddock: we wanted to continue the design onto this year with minimal changes, other than tidying up the presentation and looking at sponsor and partner display options with new lock up layouts throughout the garage as well as new illuminated boards for each driver.

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